2018 National AGM in Coventry

Are you going to CAMRA’s Members’ Weekend, AGM & Conference?

National CAMRA’s Members’ Weekend, 2018 AGM and Conference takes place from 20-22 April at the University of Warwick in Coventry.

Hosted by CAMRA’s Coventry branch, the Members’ Weekend will give nearly 1,000 CAMRA members the chance to come together to discuss CAMRA business while meeting up with friends on trips to local pubs and breweries. Conveniently located near the historic towns Coventry, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick, there will be plenty to do in between CAMRA business.

Taking centre stage this year will be the decision on CAMRA’s Revitalisation, following the National Executive’s recommendations for the future purpose and direction of the Campaign. This is one of the most important changes CAMRA has faced in recent years, and as such it is vital that all members’ make their voice heard and cast their vote.

While each and every member will still have the chance to vote on the proposals by proxy if unable to attend the weekend, attendees at Conference will be able to hear the National Executive present the Special Resolutions which, if approved, will change CAMRA’s Articles of Association to enable the organisation to enact the recommendations made. Members in Coventry, who have been unable to attend any of the regional Revitalisation briefings, will be able to ask questions about the detail of the Special Resolutions before casting their vote.

If it’s your first year attending the Members’ Weekend – don’t worry! There will be a presentation at 5pm on Friday 20th April for all new attendees to explain how the weekend will run, covering everything from voting and elections timings to advice on where you can grab a good beer.

Online registration is open now at agm.camra.org.uk where you can find all information including how travel and accommodation and booking onto trips. Please note the closing date for online registration is 3rd April, so ensure you register as soon as possible! If you miss your chance, you can register in person on the day.

Upcoming Local Beer Festivals

CAMRA NI BELFAST BEER AND CIDER FESTIVAL 8-10 November at the Ulster Hall, Belfast.

BELFAST CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL – 1-2 June at Custom House Square, Belfast.

MOURNE CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL – 28 July at Kilmorey Arms Hotel, Kilkeel.

HILDEN BEER & MUSIC FESTIVAL 24-26 August at Hilden Brewery.

ABV FEST – 31 Aug & 1 Sept, Carlisle Memorial Church, Belfast.

PORTRUSH BEER AND FOOD FESTIVAL – 5-6 October at Portrush Town Hall.

If you are hosting a beer festival soon, let us know.

Welcome and Join Us

The Campaign for Real Ale has been active in Northern Ireland since 1981 and our local branch of real ale enthusiasts, converts and volunteers continues to grow.  Now, with around 400 members, we are continuing to promote and improve the awareness, availability, variety and quality of both real ale and real cider throughout Northern Ireland.

It is something that we in CAMRA NI feel really passionate about, especially in a region where the big multi-national brewers have a stranglehold on what they allow to be sold in our wonderful local pubs.

We hold regular monthly branch meetings plus a wide programme of social and campaigning events throughout the year at which all CAMRA members are welcome to participate.   See the calendar for details.

Local members also regularly attend and represent our local branch at the regional SNIB forum meetings (Scotland and Northern Ireland Branches).

Our most important event is the annual Belfast Beer and Cider Festival which will take place in the Ulster Hall in November.

Nationally, CAMRA has led the campaign for real ale, real pubs and consumer rights throughout the UK for over 40 years.  It is an independent, voluntary organisation with over 185,000 members and has been described as the most successful consumer group in Europe.  CAMRA promotes good-quality real ale and pubs, as well as acting as the consumer’s champion in relation to the UK and European beer and drinks industry.

So, if you live in Northern Ireland and are interested in real ale or real cider then why not join CAMRA today?

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