Northern Ireland Beers For GBBF – Your Help is Needed!

As preparations begin for this year’s Great British Beer Festival, we’d like you to help the Northern Ireland Branch promote some of Northern Ireland’s great brewers and beers.

It’s been a few years since beer from Northern Ireland has featured at GBBF, and a reason for this has been a lack of suggestions from ourselves.
We’d love to see Northern Irish Brewers properly represented this year, so we’re asking you to send in your personal recommendations. The window for sending these in closes on 28th February, in less than 1 week.

What GBBF’s beer orderers are looking for from you:

-Give your personal opinions on the beer, they’re not too interested in what prizes it has won or what sells well.

-When describing beers, make life easier for them by letting them know the style and ABV, but don’t forget to include more details and your opinions.

-Don’t just list all the brewers in Northern Ireland, they’re looking for your personal beer recommendations.

-Don’t just list all the beers from a given brewer, they’re looking for which beers you think are the brewer’s best beers.

-The beer should be available for CAMRA to buy in cask in August. This year GBBF will only buy cask beers from UK brewers.

-The festival is unlikely to feature more than one beer from each brewery, but please recommend any you think should be selected, ranked if possible. This will help them ensure a variety of styles.

-If you think there are any beers GBBF shouldn’t order or breweries that should be avoided, tell them, with reasons. All negative comments will be treated as confidential.

You may also recommend great beers from outside Northern Ireland too, if you’d like.

There are now far more breweries in the UK than beers at GBBF, so every recommended beer will not feature. As such, beers and breweries without any recommendations will not feature at GBBF.

The beer orderers are likely to know less about Northern Irish beers and brewers than most other areas of the UK, so the information you provide is particularly important.

Please send your recommendations to
or by post to Bagsy Durham, GBBF Beer Order, CAMRA, 230 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts, AL1 4DW.

All recommendations must be sent in before Wednesday 28th February, This is tight, and the Northern Ireland Branch can only apologise for the delay in getting the information out to you.

Thank you for any help you can give to the Brewers of NI!

2018 National AGM in Coventry

Are you going to CAMRA’s Members’ Weekend, AGM & Conference?

National CAMRA’s Members’ Weekend, 2018 AGM and Conference takes place from 20-22 April at the University of Warwick in Coventry.

Hosted by CAMRA’s Coventry branch, the Members’ Weekend will give nearly 1,000 CAMRA members the chance to come together to discuss CAMRA business while meeting up with friends on trips to local pubs and breweries. Conveniently located near the historic towns Coventry, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick, there will be plenty to do in between CAMRA business.

Taking centre stage this year will be the decision on CAMRA’s Revitalisation, following the National Executive’s recommendations for the future purpose and direction of the Campaign. This is one of the most important changes CAMRA has faced in recent years, and as such it is vital that all members’ make their voice heard and cast their vote.

While each and every member will still have the chance to vote on the proposals by proxy if unable to attend the weekend, attendees at Conference will be able to hear the National Executive present the Special Resolutions which, if approved, will change CAMRA’s Articles of Association to enable the organisation to enact the recommendations made. Members in Coventry, who have been unable to attend any of the regional Revitalisation briefings, will be able to ask questions about the detail of the Special Resolutions before casting their vote.

If it’s your first year attending the Members’ Weekend – don’t worry! There will be a presentation at 5pm on Friday 20th April for all new attendees to explain how the weekend will run, covering everything from voting and elections timings to advice on where you can grab a good beer.

Online registration is open now at where you can find all information including how travel and accommodation and booking onto trips. Please note the closing date for online registration is 3rd April, so ensure you register as soon as possible! If you miss your chance, you can register in person on the day.

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